Calm.Healthy.Sexy. Weekend Reading

I’ve read several good articles recently that focused on helping women feel calmer, be healthier, or feel sexier.  Here are several that I hope you’ll enjoy:


What You Must Know about Margin by Julie Sibert – I’ve been thinking about margins a lot recently, and how important it is for women to build them into their lives.

Is Anxiety Affecting Your Health or Marriage?  10 Tips for Easing Stress by Lori Lowe – this article really fits in both the Calm and Healthy categories – it includes a lot of great tips for both.


6 Steps to a Healthier You by Anjali @The Picky Eater

Homemade Grab and Go Snack Bars  by Tiffany @Eat At Home Cooks – I already made a batch of these – they are delicious and have the teenage boy stamp of approval!


This article by J. @Hot, Holy and Humorous covers many of the reasons why wives may not feel “in the mood” for sex

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Have a great weekend,




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