The busy Life Diet:

Healthy Weight Loss for Women on the Go

Create a healthy eating and exercise plan that will allow you to lose weight – in spite of your busy schedule.
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    lose weight in a way that fits your schedule. The weight loss plan described in this e-book is designed to help you make the very best use of the time you do have, by focusing on weight loss strategies that help most women lose weight in a healthy way and in a reasonable amount of time. It also encourages you to take a look at your schedule and evaluate how you’re using your time, to see if you can devote a bit more of it to taking care of your health. 
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    take care of your body, and feel fantastic. You deserve to look and feel great in the body God gave you, to eat foods that nourish and strengthen you, and to feel strong and fit. And that's exactly what this plan is about – finding the strategies that work for you and making them a part of your life.
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    Bonuses when you Get the E-Book. A Quick Start Guide and membership in our private Facebook group.

Get the Busy Life Diet E-Book plus Bonuses for just $9.95

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Get started right away! The Quick Start Guide includes an overview of the eating plan and tips for making it work for you and your schedule.



Need some encouragement and support as you begin eating healthier and work on losing weight? 

It’s the perfect place to ask questions, share your struggles, and find new recipes and tips for sticking with the healthy eating plan.

About the Author: Gaye Christmus

My goal is to share simple, practical tips that you can use to live more intentionally, take care of your health, and enjoy your marriage. I’m just like you – a wife, a mom, an employee and a writer. I have a career, a home, a garden, a church, family, friends, and activities – and I know how all of those things compete for a woman’s time and energy! I’m trying to maintain some semblance of balance in my life, and I want to help you do the same.

The Busy Life Diet: Healthy Weight Loss for Women on the Go

Are you a busy woman with a job, family, marriage, business or other responsibilities that keep you on the go?

Are you looking for a healthy way to lose weight over the next few months?

Then, this weight loss program and e-book may be exactly what you need.

It was designed with you in mind!

Get the Busy Life Diet E-Book plus Bonuses for just $9.95

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